PALS Reading Workshops

Reading Workshop, High School

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Maximum enrollment: 50

Audience: Reading teachers, special educators, curriculum instruction specialists, school psychologists, teacher trainers, principals.


In this workshop, participants will learn to conduct peer-mediated reading instruction for high school students. They will learn to pair students and prepare them to work together constructively on strategic reading tasks that accelerate reading performance.

High School PALS relies on the same dyadic structure, and the same three activities (Partner Reading, Paragraph Shrinking, and Prediction Relay) as PALS for grades 2-6. There are, however, several important differences. First, the motivational system was modified for older students, focusing on a "work" theme. Instead of earning points as elementary students do, high schools students earn PALS "dollars" that are redeemed for tangible rewards. Additionally, while elementary PALS students use fictional readings, high school PALS students read expository text. Teachers are encouraged to select reading material that is perceived by students as useful, including informational texts about employment opportunities, life skills, and social relationships.

Unlike other versions of PALS that are intended to be primarily implemented in the inclusive general education setting, PALS for high school students has typically been used by special educators and remedial reading teachers for students with serious reading problems.

Participants are asked to purchase a high school manual that includes scripted lessons and materials needed to facilitate student training. The site will need to purchase these manuals separately. Please see "Ordering Materials" tab. The high school manual provides all necessary materials that will enable teachers to confidently implement PALS in their own classrooms.


Need more information about workshops?

For more information about PALS workshops and materials, contact Loulee Yen, Outreach Coordinator, at (615) 343-4782 or email