PALS Reading Workshops

Reading Workshop, Kindergarten and Grade 1

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Maximum enrollment: 50

Audience: Kindergarten and first grade teachers, reading teachers,
special educators, curriculum instruction specialists, teacher
trainers, principals.


Innovative programs have been developed in the past decade to strengthen children’s phonological awareness and emergent literacy skills. Many of these programs, however, were not developed for classroom use.

In this session, participants will learn to implement PALS for kindergarten (K-PALS) and first grade (First-Grade PALS), a field-tested, teacher-friendly, inexpensive reading-readiness program. Because the PALS activities for grades 2-6 require some degree of reading competence, a different set of activities has been developed for students in kindergarten and first grade. K-PALS and First-Grade PALS promote phonological awareness, sound-letter correspondence, decoding, and fluency for beginning readers.

K-PALS includes two components: Sound play (phonological awareness) and Sounds and Words (decoding). First-Grade PALS continues the sounds and words activities and introduces partner reading, a fluency-building activity.

Following a brief presentation summarizing research findings, presenters will provide hands-on practice of all PALS activities including a simulation of a PALS classroom during training, teacher-directed lessons, and peer-mediated practice. Participants will receive student practice materials that include samples of the activity worksheets. Presenters will role-play as PALS teachers, and participants will practice PALS as classroom students.

Participants will need to purchase a grades 2-6 manual that includes scripted lessons and materials needed to facilitate student training. The site will need to purchase these manuals separately. Please see "Ordering Materials" tab.

Sample Workshop Agenda:

  1. PALS Background: Research and Development
  2. Learning About PALS
  3. Sound Play (phonological awareness activities)
  4. Sounds and Words (decoding activities)
  5. Partner Reading (fluency building)
  6. Putting It All Together
  7. Implementation Issues

Need more information about workshops?

For more information about PALS workshops and materials, contact Loulee Yen, Outreach Coordinator, at (615) 343-4782 or email