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Reading Products for High School

PALS Reading - High School, Full Product List

Teacher/Student Material List

Each training script lists teacher materials, student materials, objectives and things to do before the lesson.

Material Outline

Each script also contains an outline of all material covered in the lesson.

Teacher Script

Each script also contains a teacher script.


Peer Mediated Example - Paragraph Shrinking
Watch a video of two students working together on the Paragraph Shrinking activity during a Reading PALS lesson. Paragraph shrinking is one of the four High School Reading PALS activities.

Peer Mediated Example - Partner Reading and Re-tell
Watch a video of two students working together on the partner reading and re-tell activity during a PALS lesson. Partner reading and re-tell are two of the four High School PALS activities.

Reading and Math Training Workshops
We recommend our one-day training workshops to help get you started using PALS in your class room.

About PALS Workshops

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