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Spanish Manual for Grades 2-6

PALS Reading - Grades 2-6, Spanish Manual

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Sample Lesson 1

Each training script lists teacher materials, student materials, objectives and things to do before the lesson.

Sample Lesson 1

Sample Lesson 2

Each script also contains visual outlines of all transparencies and other materials needed for the lesson.

Sample Lesson

Sample Lesson 3

Each script also contains a teacher script and an outline in the margin, "Guiding Points."

Sample Lesson 3



Peer Mediated Example - Paragraph Shrinking
Watch a video of two students working together on the Paragraph Shrinking activity during a Reading PALS lesson. Paragraph shrinking is one of the four grades 2-6 Reading PALS activities.

Peer Mediated Example - Partner Reading and Retell
Watch a video of two students working together on the Partner reading and re-tell activity during a PALS lesson. Partner reading and re-tell are two of the four grades 2-6 PALS activities.

Reading and Math Training Workshops
We recommend our one-day training workshops to help get you started using PALS in your class room.

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