PALS Math Workshops

Math Workshop, Kindergarten and Grade 1

Time: 3 Hours

Maximum enrollment: No maximum enrollment

Audience: Math teachers, special educators, curriculum instruction specialists, school psychologists, teacher trainers, principals.


Research provides substantial evidence that collaborative group work on academic tasks can facilitate student learning. In this workshop, participants will learn how to implement PALS Math, an activity that blends the components of effective group work into a structured approach for conducting peer-mediated learning for grades K-1 classrooms. PALS Math helps teachers meet the needs of diverse students and allows students to assume an active role in their own learning.

Following a brief presentation summarizing research findings, presenters will provide hands-on practice of all PALS activities. Participants will learn how to pair students and prepare them to work together constructively on strategic math tasks that improve achievement. Participants will be introduced to the various math concepts for K - 1 Math PALS, and they will learn the roles of coach and player for each Math PALS lesson.

Participants will receive a sample Math PALS folder that will enable them to confidently conduct PALS in their own classrooms.

Need more information about workshops?

For more information about PALS workshops and materials, contact Loulee Yen, Outreach Coordinator, at (615) 343-4782 or email