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Math Products for Grades 2-6

PALS Math for Grades 2-6, Full Product List

  • Teacher Manual, $40 order
  • Student Materials Grade 2, $30 order
  • Student Materials Grade 3, $30 order
  • Student Materials Grade 4, $30 order
  • Student Materials Grade 5, $30 order
  • Student Materials Grade 6, $30 order
  • Grades 2-6 DVD, $15 order

Sample Overview

From grades 2-6 math.

Sample overview

Sample Coaching Sheet 1

This is a sample Coaching Sheet from a 3rd grade Computation lesson on adding. On this sheet, the coach coaches the player through the problems on the first two rows using the coaching question sheet. The coach and  player then switch jobs and repeat the same procedure for the bottom two rows.

Sample Coaching Sheet

Sample Practice Sheet 1

This is a sample Practice Sheet from a 3rd grade Computation lesson on Adding. The Coach and Player work on Practice Sheets individually at the end of each lesson. The Practice Sheet is then graded, and the pair earns points for correct answers.

Sample Practice Sheet


Grades 2-6 Math Video
Watch the video of two students working together on a 2-6 grade Math PALS lessons. They are demonstrating some of the "Giving Mathematical Explanations" strategies outlined in the PALS manual.

Reading and Math Training Workshops
We recommend our one-day training workshops to help get you started using PALS in your class room.

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