Bud Sugg: Meeting with Ambassadores

8. January 2013 09:25

            I think the Ambassadores help you in a variety of different ways. For example, my tutors Kaleigh and Will help me with my classes. I just got done with a book review called “Flat Land”. If you’ve ever read it before, it’s very confusing to understand. The guy that really helped me come up with sentences and how to show that I read the book was Will, my tutor. Without his help, I don’t think I would have had anywhere near as good a paper as the one I finished with. Will was not assigned to read “Flat Land.” And just for me, he read the book. Just so he could help me.

            Chelsea and Megan are my two daily planners. They help me write journals and they make sure I have all of my homework assignments in my planner. They also help with grammatical errors on my food log or on my journal entries.

The one thing that all of my workout buddies have is that they push me hard and I feel afterwards that I’ve given a good workout. I have Alexis, Nishant, and Lauren. The hardest one by far is Alexis. I do, on average, 30 min. on an elliptical machine on level 10. I also do ab workouts by doing 100 sit-ups with medicine balls, side crunches, and planks. The workout buddies make sure you get stronger.

My lunch buddies are Ali, Fallon, and Chelsea. All of them are really nice. They’re always willing to listen to me. They go where I want to go eat. They’re so friendly. I get good lunch time with them. They fit the description.

            I think all of my Ambassadores are very friendly and they truly care about me. They want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. They care just as much about you succeeding as you care about yourself succeeding. I think the fact that they help means the most.  


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