Danny Viteri: My VU Class

26. November 2012 12:14

     I’m taking a film class. In film class I watch a movie and then I look at sounds, camera position. Then I listen to the teacher and talk about what I learned from the movie. She answers questions about the movie. I like the teacher because she is so nice and friendly. I give my homework to her and she checks it for me. Later, she is happy when she gives it back.

     I watch the movies and one of them is called Conversation. We’re learning about sounds, and how to pay attention to each of them: crashing, banging, music. I learn about the plot of the movie, what the character is doing, what’s in the background, what sounds are doing. It’s pretty fun to learn about it once you get the hang of it. After learning about film stuff, it’s easier to notice it later in other movies.

     Sometimes it’s not easy. We have to figure out what to watch next. We have to read the film class book to know about what we’re supposed to remember. You have to do this to prepare for the next film. There’s a lot of responsibility. If you forget or miss a movie, then you have to pay attention to the teacher and listen.

     My favorite thing about the class is watching movies because it’s very fun. It’s really exciting waiting to see what happens next. 



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