Evan Slayton- Food Forays

12. November 2012 10:06

            It’s where you go in and cook food. We do this every Friday. We sometimes cook pizza or spaghetti. My favorite thing to cook is pasta because I like it so much. We split up and go to a dorm or to the apartment.

            Before cooking we had a cooking safety lesson back during the Next Steps Summer Institute. It’s important to wear gloves while cooking. You have to watch the oven and stove to see if it’s hot or not hot.

We get the food ahead of time at the grocery store. We have a budget so we spend a certain amount of money. It keeps us from spending a ton of money.

            I like cooking. I even cook outside of the Food Forays, at home. I cook with someone else like my family. I know about the pizza and the pasta now so I cook it for my family. The food forays are important because you cook a lot of food and it teaches you to have good life skills. 



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