Daniel Bautista: My Internship

5. November 2012 10:37

            I work in the Munchie Mart at Branscomb. I work in Branscomb on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It’s really good. They have the food items, school objects, and everything else. They have a freezer and kitchen.

The first day went really well. They taught me how everything goes. It was pretty easy. I’ve had other jobs in the past, so this wasn’t my first. I like it better than other jobs I’ve had. After work, they let me have free food and free drinks.

My main job is being a stocker. I stock all the items to the right shelf and the right spot. Not just that, but sometimes I take out the trash, we bring in different objects, and we even get objects in and out of the freezer. It was really cold in there! It felt like an ice cave. Working in the freezer is my favorite part of my job.

I got to meet the boss and the manager. I also meet new people, such as Norwood, Carla, Ashley, and others. Those guys from my internship, they may be my employees, but they are also my friends.



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