Meet Our Students: Edward Nesbitt

30. November 2011 11:00

I’m so excited about graduation day. It’s going to be really special for the 6 of us. I’m ready to move on and go into the grown up world and be someone. I’ll always remember all the moments I had on this campus forever. They have been so good. It’s been a great experience. I’ve been here every day. It’s a great place. Finally, I am excited to be on my own and be capable of applying for jobs. I might look for a technology and business field job. One day I hope to have my own place that’s not too expensive that I’ll pay for my own mortgage and payments. And one day have a wife and kids and teach them the experiences I had at school. After I graduate I still want to be in Best Buddies and have fun on my own.




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Next Steps at Vanderbilt is a 2-year certification program for students with intellectual disabilities, providing individualized Programs of Study in the areas of education, social skills, and vocational training.

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