Meet Our Students: Steven Greiner

8. November 2011 13:09

My name is Steven Michael Greiner. I’m a third semester student here, (started in fall 2010). I’ve met a lot of new friends and of course old friends too who were in the program before me. This is everything I thought it was going to be and more. My hobbies are fishing, boating, old cars, driving, and just being witty and funny.

This year I’m in Film 125: Introduction to Film with Professor Faye. I’m learning how to look beyond the movies narrative structure. We view movies every Monday night. This is an interesting course. Met some cool friends in that class. I have a note taker named Les and I met some other awesome people.

On Tuesdays I have an Independent Living Skills course. After that I hang out for a few, have something to eat, then I go have an awesome internship at the Dayani Center. I helped with their new stem cell patients. I help work out with them and I keep them motivated. After that I have tutoring with Carly. She’s awesome. And I found out recently that we both love fishing.

I get along great with my Ambassadores. Cecile and I also love fishing. Newton and I both like talking about Best Buddies and baseball. And then recently, I got another Ambassadore named Liz. She and I have a lot in common too. She’s from California, like me and her family has a boat, just like me! We hang out a lot. And then I have an awesome dinner mate named Becca. We share a common interest in movies. We are movie nuts!

I’m on 2 committees at this fine institution. It really is a great institution - a top university. The first organization is Best Buddies. I am a member of the Best Buddies Board. I help plan activities and help keep track of the one-on-one friendships. And then I’m on the Next Steps Social Committee. I help plan activities. We are having the first Next Steps tailgate on October 29th. It’s going to be in the morning before the game. Hope you love waking up early! We’re going to have some breakfast foods, which will be good. And it’s going to be a fun time. 



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