Spring Break Fun!!!

30. March 2011 18:28

Spring Break is something that all college students look forward to each year.  This semester, Next Steps students had the opportunity to go on a Best Buddies Alternative Spring Break.  Some students spent five days in Denver, Colorado, while others enjoyed the week in Miami, Florida.  Everyone came back raving about all that they had seen and done.  Not only were the trips fun, but the students also volunteered their time to help others.

Here are the students’ thoughts about Spring Break in their own words…


Making Waves in Miami!

            On my spring break trip, I went to Miami, Florida.  My favorite memories were playing basketball with my friends, telling a story about my life, and several other things.

I thought working at Camillus House and helping serve food to the homeless people was a nice way to help those who are less fortunate than we are. At the Everglades National Park, we picked up trash around the canal, and while I was there, I saw a gator in the river.

The weather was somewhere between 80 and 85 degrees, and it felt nice to be outside. I thought the overall experience was fun because I discovered new things and got to meet David Lee’s family. I liked seeing the Everglades National Park too. It made me feel better because Crystal Finley, Kelly Wendel, and Elise McMillan were on the trip with me. Because without them being there, I would have missed them too much.

-          Sean Falkner


The trip to Miami FL was awesome, I was so glad to go. The first day I arrived to the airport.  Then we got checked in and went through security then we got on the plane and flew to Fort Lauderdale. Then from there we rented some vans and went to a Subway.

I loved this trip, I got to know some real awesome people like David Lee our head of the trip and Bola his co-captain. David’s best buddy Jacob Webne went that was cool I really enjoyed volunteering at Camillus House. Then we volunteered at the Everglades, that was fun, then we volunteered at the Children's Museum.

The weather was awesome it was hot and nice. We went to the beach two days, that was fun. I was so happy Crystal Finley went with us on the trip. Rachel and Sean and Edward went too and Jacob. It was real awesome that Ali Bryne came by the church wherewe stayed at in Coconut Grove. That was one of my favorite memories then the other one was meeting Anthony Shriver. Then I met this cute nice little boy name Lucas.

-          Steven Greiner


I went to Miami. We did community service.  We helped feed the homeless people for 4 days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday, we helped pick up trash at the Everglades.  Thursday we went to the children's Museum.  We helped out with the kids.  On our last day we went to the beach all day and it was awesome.

-          Edward Nesbitt


I went on an airplane to go to Miami Florida for spring break. We helped out with Camillus house for a service project for Best Buddies. We served food to the homeless. We went to the Children’s Museum to play with the kids. We went to the beach. We went to go visit a college in Miami Florida. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch. We made dinner every night except for Thursday night we had Johnny Rockets for dinner. We played basketball every day. We did life maps. Also we did reflection about our favorite things we did that day.  We stayed at a church for our spring break. We slept on the ground. We went to a Christian church. Also I went to a Catholic church with Crystal and Kelly.

                                -Rachel Pearson



Doing Good in Denver!

I went to Denver.  Michael almost went into the women’s restroom when we went to the movie.  At the Special Olympics’ we were helping with downhill Skiing and uphill Skiing and Snows shoes.  I also helped sort canned goods and dried goods. The weather was cold and some days also snowy and rainy and windy.  It was awesome and amazingly fun to learn about each other.  

-          Andrew Van Cleave


For spring break I went to Denver, Colorado. My favorite part was cheering when people were skiing. We worked at a food bank as a service project. It was cold and snowy while I was there. Being in Denver made me happy. 

-          Jeanne Gavigan


Saturday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I went to the airport to fly to Denver. We landed in Denver and took a van to Brittany’s house. We ate lunch and unpacked our things. We shopped for week’s food that afternoon. We had down time and played cards.


Ate breakfast and rode to Copper Mountain to volunteer for Special Olympics Winter games we worked the Cross Country Skiing Event. We cooked dinner at Brittany’s house. We went bowling. We had nightly discussion with the group before going to bed.

Monday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            We volunteered at the Denver Food Bank. We filled the boxes with food. The center leaders said we are really fast. Returned to Brittany’s and had our dinner and down time.

Tuesday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   After breakfast we returned to the food bank for more volunteering. We ate lunch in the town and took a tour of the Denver capitol Building.  We walked around the 16th street Mall and Downtown Denver. We ate dinner at spaghetti Factory. We went back to Brittany’s house and had our nightly discussion later the girl and boys separated and had a movie night.


We packed our clothes and went to nearby Park for a walk. The snow was deep on the paths. We ate lunch, loaded our things in the van and headed to the Airport to fly home. 


-          Hallie Bearden



For my spring break I went to Denver, CO and it was an awesome time.  One of my favorite memories was bowling because I beat Tammy by one pin and my highest score was a 129!  We had to get up at 5:45 in the morning and go to the Special Olympics. We were the marshals and we were supposed to tell him where to go. Then another thing we did was called the Food Works and we unloaded boxes and sorted them. The weather when we got there was very cold and when we got to the Special Olympics it was freezing cold. But then it got warmer. This was my first Spring Break with best buddies and it was awesome!!!!!

-          Michael Heroux


Relaxin’ in Nashville!

What I did on my Spring Break was work at Susan Gray School. It was very fun and the kids were very happy to see me. I also got to see my friends Bethany and Lily. When Lily, Bethany, and I went to dinner we had loads of fun! One thing we did was go out to dinner.

-          Elizabeth Story



The Miami Crew!


The Denver Team!


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