Email to Ambassadores

14. December 2010 14:50

Dear Ambassadores,


I hope you’re staying warm and cruising through finals and final papers!! We’re thinking of you and sending many warm wishes your way.

There are a few things in this email that I promised to send to those who were unable to make the final Circle Meeting. So, here goes my final email for the fall 2010 semester.


Things I reviewed during the final circle meeting:


1)      How did the semester go? What can we do better?

Here are some of the comments I heard back:

a.       Each circle needs an “email communicator” who would be responsible for sending reminders for evaluations, monthly circle meetings, minutes from meetings and occasionally how are things going and helpful tips emails to the circle

b.      More social events where:

                                                               i.      Each circle gets together with their Next Step student

                                                             ii.      ALL circles get together with ALL the Next Step students (pot luck socials, pizza party socials…etc.)

c.       At the beginning of each semester Tammy will sit down with each academic tutor, Next Step student and the parent that helps their child with their school work to review the independent learning contract and the students expectations for the VU class

d.      Recruit more male Ambassadores by sending out blast emails through IFC


2)      If you are still on campus on Friday, please be sure to note that the Next Steps students will present their final power point presentations on December 17th in the Kennedy Center room 241 from 1:30 – 3 PM.  All are invited to join!!


3)      Final evaluations: If you have not returned these to me, please email them back!


4)      Lastly, I definitely wanted to let everyone know personally, but I have decided to go back to school starting from this January. My last day with Next Step is January 5. Working and getting to know each of you and the Next Step students has been an incredible experience for me. I have loved every moment of getting to work with you!! I will be staying in the Nashville area, so please feel free to stay in touch. My email will remain the same. I will continue to write recommendation letters/reference letters through winter break, so let me know how I can help.


Cheers and Happy Holidays!



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