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Gabby DiCarlo receives Conte Pilot Award (March 2016)-- Gabby DiCarlo's project titled "Serotonin Dysregulation & Sensory Processing Abnormalities associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder" will evaluate the role of serotonin dysregulation in sensory dysfunction and the behaviors classically associated with ASD. She will study auditory and visual processing in a novel cortical region for multisensory integration, V2L, via anatomical and electrophysiological characterization and a behavioral phenotype reversal experiments in SERT Ala56 mice and wild-type mice.

Mark Wallace named Vanderbilt University Dean of Graduate School. (January 2016)-- Dr. Wallace will serve as the chief administrator for all graduate programs within Vanderbilt University’s schools and colleges. He has an aggressive vision and commitment to elevate the Graduate School to a new level of academic excellence and research leadership by strengthening relationships within the institution, nationally and abroad.

Antonia Thelen receives new 18-month research fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundtion (SNSF). (December 2015)-- Advanced Postdoc Mobility fellowships from SNSF are given to postdocs who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad. Dr. Thelen will be investigating the neuronal coding mechanisms underlying motion perception at Vanderbilt.

Nashville Scene showcases new Vanderbilt initiative to better understand the intersections between music and neuroscience. (November 2015)-- As part of the initiative, Dr. Mark Wallace, Dr. Nicole Baganz, and Mark Garson (Los Angeles composer) are beginning a new study to investigate the potential therapeutic effects of music for children with autism.

Sarah Baum, Justin Siemann, and Antonia Thelen win poster competition awards from Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Science Day (September 2015)-- Sarah Baum won on the Postdoctoral Level in the Clinical, Behavioral, and Intervention Research category for her work "Connecting individual differences sensory and cognitive function in healthy aging". Justin Siemann won on the Graduate Level in the Systems Neuroscience category for his work "Changes in Serotonin Signalling Alter Multisensory Function in the Mouse: Implications for Autism". Antonia Thelen won on the Postdoctoral Level in the Systems Neuroscience category for her work "Electrophysiological correlates of performance variablity in multisensory detection".

Mark Wallace leds new research project for Vanderbilt Kennedy Center's new five-year grant given by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (September 2015)-- Dr. Wallace will investigate the sensory and multisensory contributions to autism in support of this new grant. The grant supports basic and applied research on intellectual and developmental disabilities, an admnistrative core, and a research project led by Dr. Wallace.

Sarah Baum receives Meixner Postdoctoral Fellowship in Translational Research from Autism Speaks (July 2015)-- Dr. Baum will explore possible causes of sensory-processing difficulties in people with autism. She will also investigate how these sensory difficulties contribute to communication challenges. Her goal is to advance the development of more effective treatment strategies for autism and sensory-processing disorders, which often go hand and hand.

Tiffany Woynaroski receives VUMC Faculty Research Scholars Award (July 2015)-- Dr. Woynaroski's project titled "Temporal Facilitation of Audiovisual Speech Perception and Language in Kindergarteners with Autism Spectrum Disorder" looks to evaluate whether speed of audiovisual speech perception (a) explains individual differences in spoken language and (b) is plastic in 5-6 year olds with autism spectrum disorder.

Mark Wallace receives 2015 Frijda Honorary Chair (June 2015)-- Dr. Wallace delivered the Annual ABC Frijda Lecture at the Universiteit Van Amsterdam on Development and Plasticity in Multisensory Function: From Animal Models to the Clinic

Wallace Lab showcased in report of a recent biennial study where Vanderbilt's economic contribution to Tennessee's economy during 2013-14 was $8.9 Billion (April 2015)--The analysis, by Austin-based TXP Inc., quantified the total annual economic and tax revenue generated by the university and medical center, including factors such as operations and construction, employment, student and visitor spending, and business spending generated by Vanderbilt-related activities.

Dr. Mark T. Wallace named the Louise B. McGavock Endowed Chair at Vanderbilt University (March 2015)--Congratulations Dr. Wallace!

Graduate Student Jean-Paul Noel Awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation (March 2015)--This research fellowship is for 3 years of support based upon Jean-Paul Noel's research on spatial and temporal principles of multisensory integration in regards to peripersonal space.

Behavioral test taps multiple senses in mice. (March 2015)--Graduate Student Justin Siemann's Article Showcased on Simons Foundation Website.

Sensory Changes in Children with Autism (January 2014)--Dr. Wallace talks about how sensory cues change in children with autism.

NARSAD Research Quarterly (Fall/Winter 2008)--Dr. Wallace Awarded 2008 Innovative Investigator (page 10)

2008 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Explores Therapeutic Possibilities for Autism and Related Disorders--Articles

Graduate Student Leslie Dowell earns eligiblity into the Neuroscience Scholars Program--This program is a three year fellowship that enhances career development and professional networking opportunities.

Discovery Newsletter--Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (page 5)

Dr. Mark T. Wallace appointed Director of Vanderbilt Brain Institute (June 2008)--Congratulations Dr. Wallace!

Graduate Student Albert Powers earns Student Travel Award for the International Multisensory Research Forum--This award is given to outstanding graduate students attending this conference and affords them the opportunity to present their papers in a highlighted symposium. Their accommodation and travel expenses will be partly covered by the Organizing Committee. Congratulations Albert