Tennessee Kindred Stories of Disability

A collection of stories from individuals with disabilities, families, friends, and disability service providers in Tennessee

Adam (18), ADHD, Montgomery County

"Through his work, he can share his talent and help others. "

  • A Parent's Perspective
  • Posted on 8/30/2013

How talented and creative a young man is Adam? Adam loved art growing up. As a child he would draw, color, and paint. As he grew, his passion and creativity grew. He became better and better. Seeking different mediums, he started working with computers. In high school, he learned many programs and became certified. He is able to do graphic design and web development. His biggest accomplishment is that he is now the founder and president of his own company. Through his work, he can share his talent and help others.

Adam has challenges with language. He was diagnosed with ADHD and social anxiety disorder and it is difficult for him sometimes. But, through his love of art he has accomplished so much and all before his 18th birthday.  

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