Tennessee Kindred Stories of Disability

A collection of stories from individuals with disabilities, families, friends, and disability service providers in Tennessee

Danny (19), Intellectual Disability, Davidson County

"My goal is to work hard and try my best, I think. I want to maybe get a job someday. "

  • A Self-advocate's Perspective
  • Posted on 8/01/2013

My name is Danny. I am here because my parents said “it looks very cool” and I said “yea!” So when we got to the tour I loved it. And when I graduated from my high school I met my new friends and they were pretty cool! I met some of my new friends and an old friend and I kind of liked it. It was fun and meeting the new teachers. The new teachers were pretty nice to me.

At Next Steps I learn some things. Right now I am doing an internship at Peabody Library. I do stacking books and I put books with stickers. You know, the stickers that have labels in it? And I deliver the mail in the library. For my Vanderbilt class I am taking a Children’s Literature class. I learn about children’s books. First in this class they choose the book.  It is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Then I have to buy the book or rent the book. Then I have to read the book, write in the computer, print it, then those students and me have to discuss the book. I like the book a lot. In book club, I am reading Holes. In Holes it is just like the movie but the book is not the same thing as the movie because in the book there are fat people at camp but in the movie there are skinny people. They didn’t match it.

My goal is to work hard and try my best, I think. I want to maybe get a job someday. I like my friends and my Ambassadores are so nice to me. All of my Ambassadores, I cannot name them because there are so many of them. We exercise so much. It’s kind of hard but I can get used to it. One Ambassadore can help me with my homework. They are nice to me, helping with my homework. The other Ambassadore just teach me something like how to use Facebook and yea it’s pretty cool! And the last Ambassadore just be with me in the lunch room. We have lunch together. 

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