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Bud (24), Other, Williamson County

"The thing Next Steps has helped me the most with is help me to realize that I have far more potential than I thought I did in terms of finding a job. "

  • A Self-advocate's Perspective
  • Posted on 8/01/2013

I was born Charles Jacob Sugg III, but I’m called Bud mainly because everyone thinks that that name fits me. When I was three-years-old, it was discovered that I had a speech delay. It’s a condition that makes you not talk at all. You don’t stutter, or babble, or talk at all. From when I was 3-years-old until I was about 12, I took speech classes. Ever since I got out, I haven’t had to take a single speech class.

I went to high school. For three or more years I had a GPA of 3.0 or higher. I was a relatively popular man in school, popular enough to have my own newspaper article written about me. Overall, I was great person in high school. While in high school, I was the equipment manager of the football team and the men’s & women’s basketball teams. I think that’s what made me a popular figure. I was able to hang out with more friends and make more friends. I was able to do work instead of just not doing anything at all.

After high school, I went to Columbia State and only lasted one semester. I left in the spring because it was too tough. From then on, I kept working. I worked at Williamson County Parks & Recreation and my local Sonic Drive-In. I did this until Fall 2012 when I started Next Steps at Vanderbilt. I wanted to get back to experiencing life on a college campus. I was so anxious to get back into the flow of things in college after high school.

My dad and I did a lot of research, and through the guidance of a family friend, we found out about Next Steps. We all thought it was a perfect place for me. I had to take a bunch of tests, and after passing, I was accepted. During my tour of Vanderbilt, I toured with Tammy Day, Will McMillan, and Matt Moore. It made me realize that Vanderbilt is a great campus and I was really astonished at how nice it was. Before, I wasn’t sure what it would be like. But after the tour, I definitely saw myself going to Vanderbilt.

The thing Next Steps has helped me the most with is help me to realize that I have far more potential than I thought I did in terms of finding a job. Last year, my internship was with the Divinity Library. I liked it so much that I still consider it a possibility for a job one day. I have also interned at the Vanderbilt Hustler at Student Media. I do radio podcasts, which is awesome! I love it because it’s one of those things that helped me realize a lifelong dream that I’ve had for awhile. I get to practice some of the requirements for radio broadcasting such as interviewing. People have always told me that I have a great voice for radio. But it takes a lot more than just having a great voice. You have to ask good questions, be a good interviewer, pronounce words correctly, and be a good marketer. I’m able to learn about these things at my internship. I hope one day to be a radio broadcaster.

Next Steps has also taught me new skills. Last semester, I learned how to make pancakes. I think it’s a valuable skill. A lot of people love pancakes! The idea behind Food Foray is a wonderful idea. If there’s anything I want to do in life, after I’m married, I don’t want my wife to be the primary cook. I want to help her. Learning how to cook will help me go farther in life as far as marriage goes so that I can be a better husband. Until then, I think I could get a job helping to cook at a restaurant. 

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