The KidTalk project is looking for children to participate in a study examining language development in young children.


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If you think your child is a good fit for this project, please contact us!

Megan Roberts, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

(615) 322-8160



Working on Rapid Language Development

Who Can Participate:

We looking for parent(s) and their 12 to 42-month-old children with:

  • Typical language and thinking skills
  • Language delays and typical thinking skills

Compensation for Participants:

All children (with and without language delays) will receive:

  • Complete language assessments 4 times over 16 months at NO charge.
  • Assessment reports that tell you if your child needs additional help, and if so, where to find help.
  • Some money for your time.

Children with language delays:

  • Will be randomly chosen to receive KidTalk intervention or will be referred for community-based intervention.
  • Will receive 24-28, 1-hour KidTalk intervention sessions, 2 times per week, where parents learn language teaching strategies, if assigned to the intervention group.


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