VKC Poster Service

Due to budgetary constraints, VKC Graphics will discontinue printing posters beginning July 1, 2013. As the VKC leadership made decisions about budget priorities for the new fiscal year, priority was given to services that are unique to or essential for VKC researchers. Since poster printing is available at reasonable costs from other campus and off-campus vendors, the VKC is discontinuing its poster printing services.

We regret the inconvenience that this change may cause but trust that you will support our need to conserve resources for VKC scientific research support services.

Below is contact information for poster printing:

BRET (VU School of Medicine only)
Main contact Karen Perry
(P) 322-3835

Vanderbilt Campus Copy
Main contact Ronnie Pepper
(P) 322-6849

FedEx Office (West End Ave)
Main contact Lisa Weiland
25% discount if you pay by Vanderbilt P-card
(P) 327-2120