Goals #1 (support trainees at Vanderbilt University) and #2 (support development of Ph.D. clinical psychology program at –ại học Quốc gia)


We are requesting funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support these two goals.† We will know by September, 2006 if our funding request is approved.† Our current timeline is:


1. April, 2006.† Introduce the program, and answer questions, in Hanoi at a meeting at Khoa Sư Phạm.


2. November 1, 2006.† Application deadline.† For information on how to apply to our program, please click here.


3. January , 2007.† (a) Interview applicants in Hanoi. (b) election of graduate students to receive scholarships to study at Vanderbilt University.†


5. April, 2007.† Official selection decision at Vanderbilt University.


6. August 2007.† Graduate students will begin graduate school.† They will return each summer to Vietnam for three months.


7. Summer 2012.† Return to Vietnam to begin Clinical Psychology program in Khoa Sư Phạm, –ại học Quốc gia, Hŗ nội.



Timeline and Current Status of Our Goals



Jan. 25, 2006: We have submitted our funding proposal to U.S.-NIH.


Jan. 27, 2006: We are planning our meeting to introduce the program.† Our tentative date for this meeting is April 21, 2006.


Feb. 11, 2006: The date for our program informational meeting will be April 21, 2006, as planned.† We will post information regarding the meeting by the end of February.


Feb. 21, 2006: Information regarding the informational meeting is now available.

Apr. 21, 2006: Our informational meeting was conducted during the morning, and was a great success.


Apr 22, 2006: We have begun planning for a masters degree program in clinical psychology, to be developed at the new VNU School of Education.† Our goal is to begin this program Fall, 2007.† This program will be implemented regardless of funding from US-NIH.


May 21, 2006: Our funding proposal will be evaluated by NIH on July 19, 2006.† We will receive our preliminary score a few days later.


July 24, 2006: Our preliminary NIH score is 156.† This is a good score, and we will know with more certainty the likelihood of funding in a few more weeks.


Sept 6, 2006: We will receive official notification regarding our proposal on Sept. 24, 2006.


Sept 20, 2006:† We have received official approval for the program!