A: Basic background necessary for our Ph.D. program


You must have:


1. a strong interest in children’s mental health

2. a strong interest in research

3. an ability or potential to develop ability in these two areas

4. the ability to make a five year commitment to living overseas (4 years of graduate study, 1 year clinical internship).  Graduate students will, however, return to Vietnam for three months every summer to visit their family, work on research, etc.

5. the desire to serve as a faculty member in the Clinical Sciences Program, Department of Psychology, School of Education, Vietnam National University

6. a baccalaureate or masters degree in Psychology or a related field

7. a fair level of English language ability presently, and the motivation to learn English rapidly.  The program will provide intensive training in English for successful applicants.  If you satisfy the first six criteria but are uncertain about #7, you should apply.



B: Selection criteria for our Ph.D. program


Our decision as to who we will select for our program will be

based on applicants’:


1.  commitment to the field

2.  conceptual ability in regards to psychology and research

3.  research skills

4.  the ability to develop in these two areas

5.  potential clinical ability

6.  cultural flexibility



C: Application process for our Ph.D. program


1. Contact Dr. Bahr Weiss for more specific information on how to apply.

2. Submit applicationThe submission deadline has been put on hold, because of a change in the GRE schedule at the Institute for International Education.  Applications should be submitted to VCMHRP, Khoa Sư Phạm, 144 Đường Xuân Thủy, quận Cầu Giấy, Hŕ nội (a copy of your personal statement and vita should be emailed to Dr. Bahr Weiss).  The application sent to the Khoa Sư Phạm, should include:

(a) a vita or professional resume

(b) a personal statement describing research interests, and professional history and goals.

(c) college transcripts from all colleges or universities that you have attended

(d) three letters of recommendation

(e) copies of publications / research reports

Please see General Procedures to Apply for Graduate School for more details about these components of your application.  Please be sure to follow the guidelines listed there, and if you have questions, contact Dr. Weiss.

3. Interview: A selected group of applicants will then be interviewed in Hanoi.  These interviews will occur in early January, 2007.  We plan to contact applicants by the middle of December to let them know whether they have been selected for an interview.





Application Process