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 Are you interested in psychology and children?

 Do you want to contribute to the field of clinical psychology in Vietnam?

 Would you like a research career in childrenís mental health?



The Vietnam Childrenís Mental Health Research Training Program is seeking a small number of highly qualified individuals who are interested in pursuing graduate training in clinical psychology in the United States, or possibly in Canada or Australia.



Our Purpose: To advance the field of clinical psychology in Vietnam, in particular with regard to childrenís mental health.


Our Goals for this project: This project has several specific goals.

1. Select (a) two people to attend graduate school and (b) four to eight people to receive post-doctoral training, in clinical psychology, at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.† The project will provide scholarships for these people that will cover their expenses.

2. Help establish a Ph.D. clinical psychology program at Khoa Sư Phạm, –ại học Quốc gia, Hŗ nội.† The two individuals who receive their Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University will return to Vietnam to become faculty members in this new program, and the post-doctoral trainees will serve as adjunct faculty in this program. How to Apply for this Program


Text Box: Collaborating Agencies

In Vietnam
Khoa Sư Phạm, –ại học 
Quốc gia, Hŗ nội 

In U.S.
Vanderbilt University

In Australia
University of Western Australia

Contact information

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Bahr Weiss
Department of Psychology and Human Development,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA




C: General Procedures for Applying to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology in the U.S.


(including informationon the GRE and TOEFL)


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